I am available to speak broadly on the following subjects, with more specific topic suggestions below:

  • Public History

    • Discussing slavery and white supremacy at public history sites

    • Campus slavery and site interpretation

    • Confederate monuments and memory

    • Digital documentary editing

  • Civil War Era History

    • Proslavery ideology

    • Civil War women nurses

    • Senses and the emotions during the Civil War

    • Victorian mourning culture and the meaning of death

    • The "homefront" or lack thereof

    • Wartime emancipation and the U.S. Department of the South

    • Secession, especially in South Carolina

    • Slavery in South Carolina and the Lower South

    • Reconstruction in South Carolina

  • U.S. Women's History

    • Women in the antebellum South

    • Woman suffrage

    • First and Second Wave feminism

Please contact me via email for my rates.